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stop the presses! guess the rumors were true...meanwhile she totally has alba/j.lo pregger face.

from pagina seis....

Are Fergie and fiancee Josh Duhamel expecting a little black-eyed pea? Check out these pics of the couple out at dinner last night at Hana Sushi in Santa Monica and tell us!

We hate to be the blog who cried baby bump, but it seems like you'd have to eat a lot of sushi to spark phony pregnancy rumors, no?

**true story: happy for her. i met her when she JUST joined BEP and she was nice, sweet and so excited to be working again. ran into her AFTER she blew up, and she was just the same.**

SOURCE: people.com

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** my first post ever...hope this works. and if this was posted before, my bad **

Sex and the City has really stepped up their game for their new movie, or someone who looks a lot like Charlotte York is licking some guy's dork. I guess the story behind this is some guy is shopping around this "Kristin Davis sex tape" and has let a few teaser photos leak on the Internet to pique interest in the video and help raise his asking price. Wow, Kristin really didn't need to go this far to prove she's not the prude she plays on television, but I'm not complaining, and I don't think the guy attached to Kristin's mouth is either. 

certainly interesting timing...what w/ the movie and all. the guy who sold these is a douchebag but she should have known better...

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